Condit Dam Removal

On Wednesday October 26th, 2011, Condit Dam on the White Salmon River was dramatically breached with explosives.  This was the first step in a year-long project to remove the 100 year-old dam and restore spawning habitat for threatened salmon, and was definitely the most dramatic shoot I’ve ever done.

My first edit of the video and timelapse photography from the day appeared on National Geographic News:

This clip contains 1080 60p video shot with a Sony FS100, 720 60p video recorded on a KiPro HDD recorder in Prores 422 via a Sony EX1, and 1080 30p video shot with a Canon 5D.

The timelapse photography was done with 2 Canon Rebel T2i.  Additional timelapse imagery that I wasn’t able to process in time for the NG release was shot with a Canon 7D and GoPro HD Hero cameras.  The timelapse photography is part of my long-term effort to document the historic removal of Condit Dam and the recovery of the White Salmon river ecosystem.  You can learn more about that here.

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Certainly an exciting day on the White Salmon!


  • Scott Linneman


    Your Condit montage is fantastic! I teach Geomorphology at Western Washington University in Bellingham WA. I’m particularly interested in how time-lapse films can help geology students better understand slow geologic processes. Geologists go gaga over these videos. I’ve got seven years of 1/day images of a large (1.5 x 0.5 km) landslide that moves 5-50 m/yr. Check it out at:

    Obviously, I could use some editing help. Thanks for making your superb work available.
    ~Scott Linneman

  • Diane

    This is fascinating. The time lapse really stresses the amount of soil moved. Thank you for posting! The rest of the dam will be removed as well?

  • Nan Spier

    Andy: saw your film and listened to your presentation in the City Hall at Nevada City this weekend during the Wild & Scenic. Congratulations on a grand undertaking! Looking forward to following your progress as well as the rivers’ progress in the future.

  • Steve Robinson

    Thanks for the video, it will be interesting to watch Ma nature reclaim that valley.

  • Holly Tarson

    I’m working on a documentary feature with Robert Stone. We’re interested in the possibility of acquiring some of your Condit Dam Removal footage for use in the film. Do you have a screener reel available? Thanks!
    Holly Tarson