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It was 3 o’clock in the morning and we were hanging from ropes, midway down a 300′ vertical ice shaft high on Mount Hood in Oregon.  I was filming a pair of scientists who were using lasers to map the ice tube, called a moulin–one would take measurements and yell the information to the other… Read more »

I just finished shooting two episodes for a new NatGeo series called Gold Timers in Hope, AK. The series is an interesting blend of reality, sitcom and documentary that follows a cast of old-west style gold prospectors through the adventures, and misadventures, of hunting for gold in Alaska.  Our primary camera was the Panasonic HDX900,… Read more »

Intel recently hired Maser Films to shoot a product launch video for a new notebook computer, set to be released later this year. We used the RED Epic as our primary camera, recording RAW files to RED media and ProRes proxy files with a Sound Devices Pix240.  Supporting shots were made with a Canon 5D… Read more »

Recently, I was hired as a Production Manager to design a new series for National Geographic called, “The Wild Life.” The series, a hosted adventure reality/doc, will be shot in Oregon and Washington this summer.  Leading up to production, I vetted potential adventure missions in the region that would work within a significant set of production constraints…. Read more »

Sometimes, I like to go on an adventure just for the sake of going on an adventure. It can’t always be about work!  Even so, I can’t help but bring a camera–for this trip I brought my 5D Mark III with a Zeiss 25mm f/2 prime lens to snap some photos.  Just for fun. Photos… Read more »

I just finished a 12-day raft-supported shoot in the bottom of the Grand Canyon with my RED Epic. We shot lots of 5k material with the Epic and lots of timelapses with the 5D Mark III.  There were lots of challenges–from power and data management to equipment safety–but everything went off without a hitch and… Read more »

Over the last two years, I have been working on a PBS Special about the removal of Condit Dam on the White Salmon River in Washington. Our crew got to do some fun things, including a multi-year timelapse documentation effort, filming the dramatic explosive breach of the dam and lots of underwater salmon filming.  It’s… Read more »

Recently, the Cadbury cocoa company hired me through Creative Artists Agency for a commercial shoot in Ghana, West Africa. The campaign is called “Cocoa Life” and designed to tell the stories of where our cocoa comes from.  We shot the series of short films on the RED Scarlet–hard work in the intense heat but well… Read more »

Recently, I got asked to shoot interviews for an upcoming Discovery Channel docu-drama series about the 1949 gold rush. I worked with the production coordinator to hire a crew in Portland, Oregon and creat a look that will blend well with the show’s dramatic wild-west recreations (which were shot on Alexa). We shot the interviews… Read more »

The folks at National Geographic recently got in touch with a need for 4k and 5k footage of waterfall kayaking.  Naturally, Spirit Falls in Washington immediately came to mind as the perfect location! Our team did some technical rigging to establish unique camera positions in precarious spots, which allowed me to be close enough to… Read more »