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  Maser Films teamed up with Chaco footwear and NatGeo Adventure to produce a series of three branded content short films with the theme #InAWeekend.  Our team was Director, Andy Maser, Producer and ‘talent’ Tahria Sheather and Max Lowe–travel photographer and adventurer.  We traveled to Long Island in the Bahamas to connect with locals for… Read more »

  In the fall of 2015 our team traveled to northern Manitoba to film a co-production with World Wildlife Fund and Natural Habitat Adventures.  The goal of the trip was to shoot two films: – A polar bear conservation film designed to inspire a general audience to care about climate change. – A film designed to… Read more »

  In the spring of 2015, my team collaborated with Samsung and National Geographic to create a 4K film of epic proportions.  On short notice, we sent teams to Kauai, San Francisco, Jackson Hole and the Pacific Northwest armed with Red Epic Dragon cameras to capture 4K-6K footage in an action sports POV style.  We… Read more »

  In October of 2015, I traveled to Bangladesh with fellow National Geographic collaborators Justin DeShields, Alize Carre and Katia Nicolova to film a story about climate change adaptation.  We met up with veteran Bangladeshi correspondent Tania Rashid to explore the impact of rising sea levels on the country’s population.  What we found was a scary scenario:… Read more »

I recently began a virtual reality film project with producer Tahria Sheather that tells one story of the effects of climate change on coral reefs.  The third global corral reef bleaching event in history is happening now–an indicator that climate change is having a dramatic effect on ocean temperature and, as a result, coral reef health.  We traveled to the… Read more »

Andy was recently awarded an Emmy Award and an Edward R Murrow Award for Journalism for his work in the PBS show, Glacier Caves:  Mount Hood’s Secret World.  He was a Director of Photography for the project, capturing scenes, timelapse and stunning visuals hundreds of feet underground in the largest ice cave system in the… Read more »

Affirmation that last year really was an epic year professionally has come in a more official form – Emmy nominations. I’m honored to be nominated alongside the Oregon Field Guide crew at OPB for three awards for our stories on Mt Hood’s glacier caves and the Condit Dam removal, along with a personal nomination for… Read more »

Assignments come in every shape and size—exciting, interesting, grueling, trying. But every once in a while one comes along that is pure fun. Shooting a film for the Google Trekker program at Angkor Wat in Cambodia was exactly one of those coveted assignments. The concept was cool: Shoot in a style that mimicked the experience… Read more »

Last fall Jenny Nichols and I had the opportunity to spend a month in Namibia working with World Wildlife Fund to tell an unprecedented story of wildlife recovery. A nascent nation, Namibia has stepped forward as leaders in conservation by literally writing it into its constitution, ensuring that the benefits of protecting the country’s wildlife… Read more »

My first steps on the European continent last September took me to the top of the Eiger and Jungfrau, shooting Dean Potter wingsuit from these peaks in his first self-directed film for Adidas. Shooting on the RED Epic, I was able to capture some pretty spectacular mid-air visuals against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps…. Read more »