About Andy

Uniquely able to bring a strong sense for story, a highly refined visual eye and technical ability to productions, creating engaging and inspiring work that looks incredible.

How It All Started

About Andy

Andy Maser is an Emmy Award winning director and cinematographer who thrives on projects ranging from nature and adventure documentaries to :30 commercial spots, branded content, vérité documentary and feature film. He is uniquely able to bring a strong sense for story, a highly refined visual eye and technical ability to productions–his work not only engages and inspires, but also looks incredible.

That unique mix of skillsets comes from a history of soup to nuts filmmaking that began in high school. Andy grew up developing, shooting and editing his own stories before he had his drivers license.

Up to the Challenge

After college, Andy worked as a director of photography shooting expedition documentaries and vérité television for National Geographic in some of the most challenging places on earth. Andy was often simultaneously working as DP, sound and AC in random, sketchy parts of the world for projects destined for global broadcast. That forced him to develop the ability to work in a very small team in challenging situations to capture story and imagery held to the absolute highest standards.

Passion for Storytelling

Those years inspire Andy’s working style today. His genre now also spans commercial and branded work and whether he’s working as a director, director of photography or both at the same time, he always brings the same passion for strong storytelling and gorgeous visuals. Whether on a commercial set, underwater, deep in a jungle, handheld, with a Shotover, on a boat, with a drone, or pretty much any other scenario you could imagine, Andy will consistently nail it.

Andy works as a director and cinematographer for hire in addition to managing his own production company, Maser Films.

How the Magic Happens

Behind the Scenes

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